The Princes of the Apocalypse: The Feathergale Society

Upon arrival at the spire, our heroes thought it best to play coy. They posed as an interested party, keen on joining the ranks of this strange, new organization. They were welcomed inside by a woman in armor named, Savra Belabranta. She thought it best that potential recruits be welcomed by their leader and led them up several flights of stairs to the pinnacle of the spire. Here, they were met by Thurl Merosska, leader of the Feathergale Society. He told them how they were a group of well off individuals, mostly hailing from Waterdeep, who shared an interest in the noble calling of aerial steeds. They came together here in the spire, where the winds blew hard and they had ample opportunity to navigate the Sighing Valley, which sprawled out below them.

Thurl also informed our heroes that they had arrived during a time of great importance. They were celebrating the society’s third year anniversary and a great feast had been planned for the evening. He invited them to join in the celebration and that they would worry about their initiation in the morning. During the feast, Thurl asked the newcomers to share tales of their adventures. Some exchanges were made and Thurl was impressed by their deeds. Mention of strange on-goings in the valley and cultists in masks was also made, to which Thurl had this to say: “Great evil lurks among these hills. Depraved cultists led by wretched monsters. But let us speak of such matters after the feast has warmed our blood.”

But there would not be much more talk at that moment. A knight burst into the hall and announced that a manticore that had been causing much mayhem in the Sighing Valley had just been spotted. Thurl declared a hunt would most fitting and offered his signet ring as reward for the man or woman that would strike the killing blow. Our heroes were offered mounts and took to the skies. After a thrilling hunt, one of the knights claimed the kill stroke (though our heroes knew this could be contested) and the knights returned to the feast.

Over the remaining course of the evening, many drinks were had. Loose lips began to form and our heroes were able to extract small tidbits of information from the Feathergale Society members. There was talk of travelers going missing on the roads to the east. Thurl was convinced that it was the monks of the Sacred Stone Monastery that were responsible, though to what end he was unsure. Nundro sat with a young, inebriated knight that began to sprout clues to events the heroes had yet to witness. This knight mentioned that he and his brethren worshiped the very wind around them and that they had pledged themselves to a being he named Yan-C-Bin, though Nundro was unable to pry any more info from this man before he passed out.

When the party came to a close, our heroes tried to snoop around the castle, but guards were posted at every turn. Deflated, they decided to get some rest. But, as they slept, initiates of the society came to them at night and without warning, attacked. Our heroes would not be had so easily and they sprang up in defense. This sparked the tower into a fervor and knights, initiates, and even Thurl himself came pouring from every door in the tower. The battle was difficult, but eventually the tables were turned, ultimately ending in Thurl fleeing his home and the rest of the society lying dead on the spire floor.

Investigation of the tower turned up little, except one important document found in Thurl’s quarters. It read:

Merosska, We are pleased to hear about the outcome of your altercation with the Black Earth cult, and we praise you for the capture of one of their prisoners. This noblewoman from Waterdeep has an interesting tale to tell, and we shall enjoy interrogating her further. Keep a close watch on the Sacred Stone Monastery. I want to know what our enemy is planning next. – Your beloved queen, Aerisi Kalinoth

This told our heroes a few things. One, the Feathergale Society had wrestled a prisoner from a group called the Black Earth cult, which they assumed was one of the delegates. They also assumed that there had been others, though the Black Earth cult managed to hold on to them. It was also apparent that this Black Earth cult and the Feathergale Society were not on good terms. It gave no clue as to where this prisoner had been taken, but it was safe to assume the others might still be with the Black Earth cult. Not knowing where else to go, they set out east toward the Sacred Stone Monastery.

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