The Princes of the Apocalypse: Arrival in Red Larch

Red Larch

DM Notes: I forgot to take a lot of notes at the beginning of this campaign. Bad DM. As a result, the events during the first day in Red Larch may be a bit jumbled or not quite right. I did my best to make sure everything was included, but if you noticed I’ve missed something, or remember it differently, let me know and maybe we can get the story straight (straighter?). Thanks!

While resting in Phandalin from a gruelling trial in Wave Echo Cave, our heroes received a few disconcerting letters. Affadil and Nundro received an order from the Emerald Enclave, informing them of a very important delegation that left from Mirabar on route to Waterdeep. The delegation seemed to disappear without warning and there had been no correspondence in nearly a month. The Emerald Enclave letter specifically mentioned a moon elf named Teresial whom along with her part of a coded document vital to a Dessarin Valley alliance, also carried a bag of magical seeds that are vital to their order. Nundro and Affadil were tasked with finding this delegation and seeking out Teresial.

At nearly the same time, Samera and Lavinia received a similar letter. Several factions had an interest in this delegation, the Lord’s Alliance included, of which these two heroes had recently become members. One of their own, a shield dwarf named Rhundorth, was carrying another piece of the coded document and went missing along with the delegation. His success, along with the delegation as a whole, is of the utmost importance to the Lord’s Alliance and the Dessarin Valley. These two heroes were ordered to find this delegation, Rhundorth, and most importantly, secure all three pieces of the coded document.

Our heroes shared this information and decided to act together to fulfill their missions. Without hesitation, the four set off for the Dessarin Valley. In each of their letters, they had been given contacts in the area, both operating out of a small town called, Red Larch. The journey there went without incident and after a tenday’s travel, our heroes arrived safely. Shortly after, they began seeking out their contacts. At the local bathhouse, Affadil made contact with Haeleeya Hanadroum. She told them of a town guardsman bragging in the tavern about a fight she’d got into with one of the delegation’s guards, just days before they went missing. When confronted, this town guardsman said she had been drinking in Beliard, which turned out to be the last place this delegation had been since before their disappearance.

In the meantime, Samera and Lavinia were making small talk in the bathhouse. One woman in particular made mention of a strange dwarven book she’d seen given to a friend of her’s by her husband. This perked Samera’s interest and he made a note to check it out later. Afterwards, Lavinia and Samera made contact with the husband and wife duo, Helvur and Maegla Tarnlar, their Lord’s Alliance contacts. Though the husband didn’t seem to knowledgeable, his more than capable wife has a few things to say. She didn’t know much about the delegation, but she had heard a man at the inn, Brother Eardon, had spoken with a pair of shield dwarfs in Beliard and they’d claimed to be members of this delegation. Our heroes sought out Brother Eardon and he confirmed this story. It seemed to them that Beliard was their next natural location.

On their way out of the inn, our heroes noticed the trouble expression on the innkeeper, Kaylessa Irkell. When asked what was troubling her, Kaylessa spoke about the Dessarin Valley’s recent troubles. She spoke of fogs that persist in the Sumber Hills even in bright sunlight and sudden gusts of hot wind sweeping west out of the hills when the winds have always been cold. There have been more violent sights too, such as sudden bolts of
lightning stabbing up from the hills into a clear sky. “Fell magic,” Kaylessa terms it, though she admits this was an opinion shared with her, and she’s seen none of this herself. Our heroes thanks her for sharing with them and made note of the strange tales.

Before they set out to Beliard, Samera and the others thought to check on this strange dwarven book rumour. They visited a shop called Vallivoe’s Sundries, where the titular man, Endrith Vallivoe greeted them. He confirmed that he had in fact purchased a strange book from a travelling peddler, in hopes that it would impress it wife (whom liked shiny things). The wife, even though she found the illuminated text fascinating, quickly grew bored of it when she couldn’t read the ancient text. The heroes asked to purchase it and Endrith eagerly took up their offer. Nundro offered to have a look at it and though he struggled slightly with the ancient dwarven dialect, he could discern that it seemed to be a history book and was a genealogical history of the dwarf clans of Mirabar. Our heroes asked if Endrith knew where the book came from and he explained that the peddler had purcahsed it from a keelboat skipper in Womford, who had somehow come by a dozen similar books.

Our heroes felt ready to depart Red Larch. Upon looking at their map, they realized Womford was a closer trek than Beliard. They would follow up on the dwarven book mystery before heading on to Beliard.