The God Killers Saga: Maxmillian (Part 1)

The Temple

Upon the doors to the entrance of the temple, was a grand image. Two young men were drawn on either side, facing one another, their hands raised to the center. Between them stood a woman. This was our heroes first clue in a series of odd events that took place during the trials of the temple. While they collected coloured fragments in each room they traversed, they were visited by a strange blue spirit. With each visit, the spirit gave pieces of a situation, in childlike recollection.

“Oh, the skull,” it says, its light pulsing as it speaks. “I’d forgotten about the skull. He used that on me, did you know? Found it in our father’s den and decided to use it on me. The scars hurt for years. And they seemed to weigh me down, day in and day out… Until SHE came along. She never seemed to be bothered.” Other tidbits followed, each as cryptic as the last. But as our heroes listened to this snippets of a lost time, a scene slowly came to them. Here was a child being tormented by a sibling, a twin brother. This lasted well into their adulthood and this spirit felt shattered and apart. That is, until the arrival of a woman would change things.

More visits from the blue spirit told of a woman named, Sara. She showed this young man the strength of his own soul. Though both the brothers sought her attention, it was this spirits pureness that attracted her to him. They fell in love and she continued to help him piece himself back together after years of harassment from his brother. He became whole again… but only for a time. At this point, our heroes had surmised that this was the spirit of Maximillian, Carter’s father. After the great incident that Carter described, Saraphine and Maximillian were separated. Maximillian quickly spiralled into a fit of depression and delusion. His realm became weak and infested by powers from other planes. A Blood Lord took residence, feeding on his essence. A demon named Artantos made the plane his home. And, in all his agony, the greatest part of Maximillian descended into darkness and became Maximar, the Nightmare Dragon.

Our heroes would not falter, however. They down foe and foe until they came to blows with Maximar himself. When the dragon was quelled, the realm quieted. The blue spirit could reveal himself and released his physical essence. Using the last of his power, Maximillian offered to transport our heroes to the neighbouring plane, the manifestation of his mental essence. They agreed, but the transportation would not go as smoothly as they had hoped.

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