The God Killers Saga: Saraphine (Part 3)

Once the angsty, teen Saraphine had vanished, our heroes had nothing left to do, but continue on. There was another door leading out of this room, so they decided to see where it went. The rigid, castle like features of the dungeon gave way and became jagged rock. The next room was a giant, cavernous area, half filled with a perfectly calm, cool lake. Opposite the lake, atop a small red rug, sat a green and pink wooden chest. Areamis checked for traps, but could not find any. Valorin could feel a small source of magic coming from inside, but it didn’t seem dangerous. When they opened the chest, they found a large collection of toys; dolls, balls, knick knacks, and most notably, a white and pink painted horse.

They recognized this horse, of course, from the reflected image in the mirror room. Valorin didn’t hesitate and picked up the wooden horse. As he did, he began to feel nauseated. Before he could say anything, the others began to feel it as well. The feeling intensified, making them all feel dizzy and sick, and it kept getting worse until they all passed out. When they finally came to sometime later, they each rose to their feet, but the motions felt odd. One by one, they each looked at their hands, and looked around, only to realize they were not themselves! They had switched bodies. Our heroes were unnerved, but these were seasoned adventurers. It was an odd sensation, but they would continue on. There was a lake to explore and Areamis (in the body of Piper) declared that he would be the one to do it. He/she could see a dark shape in the middle of the lake and our heroes assumed this was some kind of trench or something at the bottom.

Areamis (Piper) dived in and began to swim. Once he/she saw that it was a tunnel, he/she decided to go for it. The tunnel was long and taxing, but eventually Areamis (Piper) made to the end and found himself/herself in a small grove of sorts. A giant waterfall fell into the small area from somewhere up above and water rushed in from all around, as if a lake or sea were just on the other side, out of view. A small landing was to his/her right, so he/she climbed up. Here, he/she found a pedestal made of rock and atop it was what looked like a giant puzzle piece. About 1’x1′ and seemingly made of mithril, the piece had no traps or tricks attached to it. Areamis (Piper) collected the piece and braved the waters once again to return to the others.

Our mix-matched group of adventures decided to take the painted horse to the mirror room. There, they placed the horse in the exact place it was depicted in the mirror’s reflection. Once they had, another wave of intense nausea over came them and they passed out once again. When they awoke, the curse had been lifted and they again back in their own bodies. The mirror had sunk into the floor, revealing an open doorway and another corridor.

The corridor led them to a small room. Across from them was another stone door, but also to the left was a spiralling stair case. It seemed too interesting, so our heroes took to the steps. At the top, down a few more feet of corridor, was a wooden door. It shook and rattled as a strong wind blew through the cracks. They went through without hesitation and they were met by a vast, clear blue sky. They emerged upon a green grass plateau about fifty feet wide and shaped like a half circle. Two identical collections of cages (each about 1’x1′) sat about 10 feet from another, most filled with doves and ravens. A heavy writing desk sat in the middle and old woman was writing some at the desk.

They got her attention and she rose from the desk, stood tall and unwavering, a show of strength of someone so old. They spoke and at first the old woman seemed to have no idea who they were or anything about this place they were in. This old woman was wise and strong, however, and after some clever conversation, they were able to draw out Saraphine’s consciousness. She told them that they would have to quell all the versions of herself in order to find a way to the strongest of them. The conversation was a struggle, as if something were tugging at her. After a few minutes, Saraphine’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she spoke as if she were someone else. Valorin, in a desperate attempt to distract her, kicked some of the cages (with birds inside) over the edge. The old lady Saraphine screamed and jumped for the cages.

A moment later, the few empty cages burst open and whatever was inside seemed to scream as it was set free. Old lady Saraphine floated back from over the cliffside and came to rest on the edge. She spoke in a booming, terrorizing voice and declared that they would go no farther. This would be their end. It seemed that she had been harbouring a very strange and powerful wind elemental in those cages. It formed together in a gigantic creature of wind and battle ensued.