Dungeons & Dragons: Tyler’s Groups

Welcome to Tyler’s D&D Group Summaries.

4th Edition

The God Killers Saga – The Notes


Maximillian Part 1: The Temple

Maximillian Part 2: The Fateful Guide

Saraphine Part 1A: The Lover’s Bind

Saraphine Part 1B: The Master

Saraphine Part 2: The Sorceress

Saraphine Part 3: Deeper Into Her Mind

5th Edition

The Princes of the Apocolypse – The Notes

Arrival In Red Larch

Searching the Dessarin Valley

The Feathergale Society

The Sacred Stone Monastery

Return to Red Larch

Into the Dwarven Depths Below

Scarlet Moon Hall

In the Midst of the Black Earth Cult